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Amoongers Print Collection

  • 16 high quality A4 printscollecting the primary Amoongers team together in one pack. Amoongers Assemble! Led ably by the heroic Captain Amoonica, supported by the genius technology and resources of Iron Moon (Moontony Stank), the rage-fuelled monster The Incredible Mook, the Mighty Thoon, deadly spy Moon Moondow and the faultless Mooneye the Amoongers ranks have grown and grown. From the Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-moon, the also-insect inspired Antmoon and the Woosp, the benevolent Black Moonther, loyal Moon Machine, Mooncon and Moonter Soldier, moontant twins Moon Silver and Scarlet Moonch (Peitro and Wanda Mooximoff), Wanda's sentient lover-bot, Moonsion and the Amoonger hardest to mention without giggling, Dr Moonge, master of the dark arts...

    Would've loved to include more recent diverse characters like Moon-Chi, Woong, Shoori, Ms Moonvel but in a world where everyone has a moon for a head we'd like to think equality is inevitable. 

    Every print is signed by artist Steve Penfold. 
    Individual prints (unsigned) are available at our sister website: 

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