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X-Moon Print Collection

  • 21 high quality A4 prints.  All signed by artist Steve Penfold. Featuring 21 of the original X-Moon. Led by Moonclops (Scott Moonmers) and Stoom (Oororoo Moonroo), they are backed by a powerful range of super-powered Moontants. The savage Wolveroon and M-23, the absurdist Deadmoon, time-jumping Moonble and Moonshop, dynamic warrioresses Doomoonoo, Moonlocke, Moobilee, Moogue and Moonty Pryde, original X-Mooners Archmoongel, Icemoon and Boost, Russian kin Moonlossus and Moonjik, Cajun Trickster Moonbit, acrobatic elfling Mooncrawler and manipulative psychic Moonma Frost. With a cameo by Mooneto. No Joon Grey or Professor Moonavier as they were dead at the time of drawing but watch this space. All prints are signed by artist Steve Penfold.

    All individual prints are available (unsigned) at our sister website:

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