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This is the book that launched Beyond the Bunker comics and made it one of the most recognisable indys on the British comic convention. A true indy classic. Now available for global delivery. 
The Moon drops out of the sky, early hours every morning, puts on a suit, takes out a sun and fights ridiculous crime. Ever since a botched, drunken celtic ceremony in 12ad. He was supposed to be beautiful blue Moon goddess who could sweep entire armies into the sea but we ended up with a skinny guy with a Moon for a head. 
So here we are. He's got no face to emote, no mouth to speak. If you give him a Coke Float he'll drink it but no one really knows how. He's a surprisingly good shot and is teamed up with a homicidal traffic warden by the name of Shades Rodriguez who says he's from Chicago when secretly we all think he's from Sheffield. 

Collecting Moon 1-6 (Volume 1) includes:
Standard Moon #1 and Moon #2.
Limited edition Wraparound 'Blue' Moon #3 cover by Hal Laren
Original sketch cover Moon #4 completed by Steve Penfold (usually sold at £13)
Standard Moon #5
Limited Hologram Wraparound 'Team Moon' Edition Moon #6


All 6 issues are sealed, signed by Dan Thompson (writer), Steve Penfold (artist) and Ivanna Matilla (colourist). Plus sealed in 2019 which means may contain pre-Covid air. 

Moon Volume 1 (1-6) Collectors Edition

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